Thursday, February 2, 2012

Screenwriter Goldman Announces Adaptation of Simpson's "Nonplayer"

By far my favorite comic book of last year is Nate Simpson's phenomenal creation Nonplayer. Sadly, when I use the phrase "my favorite comic book," I mean it in the singular sense. As of this day there is only one issue of the Nonplayer series in print. But that doesn't curve my love for the series, nor does it diminish Warner Bros. Studios from beginning work on an a big screen adaptation.

Finely detailed. A stunning splash page from Image Comics'
Nonplayer, issue 1, created by Nate Simpson.

Although first word of Nonplayer's big screen treatment surfaced in August of last year, news came forth today that The Woman in Black screenwriter Jane Goldman (the pen behind many other fan favorite comic book adaptations: X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, and Stardust), would lend her talents to Simpson's creation. As of yet, very little is mentioned about the development but The Playlist snagged this quote from Goldman: "I'm working on a sci-fi project for Warners. It's called Nonplayer, an adaptation of a really wonderful comic that just won an Eisner for Newcomer. It's futuristic, it's incredible. Science-fiction is not a genre I'm used to, but it's my favorite." 

"It's futuristic, it's incredible," says Jane Goldman,
screenwriter for the Nonplayer adaptation.
As excited as I am to have Goldman on the front-lines of this ambitious project, my nerdy-sense is tingling. Just what does this mean for the remaining five unpublished comic issues? Will we see them before we see the movie? How long is Warner Bros. willing to wait around for Simpson to finish the project? Obviously the studio and Simpson came upon an agreement for the film treatment since the rights were purchased, but to what extent? I only hope that in the days to come Simpson acknowledges this latest news nugget and gives us insight in the unforeseeable future.

For fans of the comic, the future of Nonplayer looks almost nonexistent in the comic medium. Back in late September of last year, Simpson shared he was involved in a serious bicycle accident leaving him with a broken collarbone and an almost cracked skull. You can read more about it here. Luckily the guy is okay he states at his blog Project Waldo that the work he conducted on the second issue is not worthy of the second issue. So not only was he involved in a serious accident and his arm placed in a cast, but he decided to start from scratch on the issue 2's artwork. The worst possible moment to decide, if you ask me.

Last month, just when you think it's safe for Simpson to go back into the inky-water that is creating comics, he announces "hat in hand" that he's looking for a job to pay some bills as well as cover medical insurance for his wife and him. Nate Simpson goes on to say, "Does anyone work at, or know someone who works at... Because I know a guy... oh, who am I fooling? I need a job." As much as this quote seems to spoil the future comings of any Nonplayer comic book, Simpson quickly dispels the urgency to hyperventilate: "This does not spell the end of Nonplayer -- in fact, this is just about the only way that Nonplayer has any chance of getting finished." Whether or not this is true in fact leaves fans of the single-issue hit with raised eye-brows.

Nate Simpson, creator of Nonplayer,
broke his collar bone last September.
As much of a blessing it is to see Goldman's name associated with the script, I'm sad to say my little heart breaks seeing Warner Bros. push development further in comparison to the original creator's work. All we can hope for is that the executives at Warner Bros. and Goldman are early at work and eager to wait for a finished product before bringing viewing audiences the next epic masterpiece and box-office hit. Wait a minute! Since when has Hollywood ever cared about quality--oh, fudge.                    

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