Friday, February 3, 2012

Image Expo 2012 Program Announced

News arrived today that the official program for Image Expo is available for fans and lucky attendees' perusal. By the look of things, this will be one of the west coast comic conventions you won't want to miss. Hear that, WonderCon and ComicCon? Looks like you have some competition headed your way.

Occurring at the end of this month on February 24-26, Image Expo is Image Comic's official celebration of twenty years in the comic industry. The weekend event is sure to gain news coverage in the comic world with such heavy-hitter creators attending, such as Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaughan, Todd McFarlane, Eric Larsen, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker, Rob Liefeld, John Layman, Mel Smith, and a plethora of other talented names in the industry.

I personally plan on attending this special weekend on behalf of Go Suck a Comic and Bleeding Cool. My coverage will vary depending on what panels and creators I find most interesting. However, I am not opposed to any suggestions or fan requests. I plan on taking many pictures, recording videos, and digesting as much comic-script writing advice I can take. Shoot me an e-mail ( or comment if you have anything you would like to ask the creators and publishers attending Image Expo. The official program is available for viewing here.

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