Friday, February 3, 2012

"Brains!"-- Tarman, the First Ever Return of the Living Dead Toy

Tarman Action Figure from RotLD by Amok Time Toys
Available now is the first official Return of the Living Dead toy of the infamous, gooey brain-eater known as the "Tarman." This action figure was announced midsummer of last year and I've eagerly awaited the day I could put this disgusting, ichor-covered, bad boy on my collector shelf. Since my first viewing of RotLD, I fell in love with this ingenious zombie depiction. The dried husks that were Romero's undead were nothing in comparison to the juicy, slimy, tongue-waggling, and talking -- yes, he actually talks -- creation known by fans around as "Tarman,"

Once trapped in a canister and now sealed in plastic,
Tarman is ready for the collectors.
The action figure comes with several exciting features: a ball jointed neck, shoulders, opening jaw, film replica base, trioxin canister, and a half-eaten brain. The only possible improvement for the toy would be if it featured a sound device. Imagine having a button to access Tarman's iconic one-liner: "Brains! Brains! Brrraaaaaaains!" Yeah, now that would be pretty bad-ass.

The action figure is currently in-stock and available for purchase at Amok Time Toys. Who knows, maybe this will be the first of more RotLD toys? Do I smell a a Trash action figure on the way? Preferably one that features optional clothing and changeable heads (you guys who've seen the movie know what I mean). Just a thought, Amok Time, just a thought. Because if you don't do it and make it official you never know who will...

Custom Made Trash (left) and Suicide (right)
Custom Made Casey (left) and Scuz (right)

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