Wednesday, February 22, 2012

POXA GRONKA! - The Long Anticipated Return of Orc Stain

The Near Future Release of
Orc Stain #7
Orc Stain... oh, lovely gem of a comic, how dare thou tease us? How dare thou play with my feeble mind and entrance us with thou's otherworldly imaginings, only to dash back into the shadows from whence thou came? Oh, Orc Stain... Oh, Orc Stain... Please return back to me!

Kind of strange how I get all poetic and moody over a comic filled with orcs, dicks, and drugs. But HAVE YOU READ THIS SHIT YET?!?!?!? If you have, then you, like me, are eagerly awaiting your next Orc Stain fix and, with a big thank you to sweet lil' baby Jesus, that wait is nearly over.

Recently announced by Orc Stain creator James Stokoe, "Orc Stain #7 is off at the printers and should be out in the coming weeks." Chances are Orc Stain fans can cast their sex-juice covered fingers over this new comic possibly next week or the beginning of March. A good thing too, considering the last issue of Orc Stain (issue 6) appeared on store shelves way back in June of last year and the issue before that (issue 5) was released October of 2010.

Hopefully with such a long gap between release dates, Stokoe intends to get this little indie comic back on schedule with successive issue releases. As for now, one can only hope Orc Stain issue 7 actually arrives in the weeks to come. Until then, I suppose I'll have to settle with the amazing new art posted on Stokoe's blog.

POXA GRONKA!--Issue 6 left off with this cliffhanger-scene of an image.
What happens next?

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