Go Suck a Comic was created late July of 2011 by Ryan King, the Editor-in-Chief of operations in hopes to  collectively report and inform fans of comic, film, music, and video game mediums--essentially, to appeal to all otakus. Go Suck a Comic is always searching for new, fresh talent to help the website grow. Got an idea? Got a complaint? Shoot one of the lovely staff members an email.

Ryan King
Crazy, delusional, and quixotic (but only on a full moon), Ryan decided to air the stink out of the comic industry by creating this little slice of electric Americana called Go Suck a Comic. After undergoing major reconstructive surgery and graduating from UC Davis with a BA in English (emphasis in creative writing) and a minor in the University Writing Program, Ryan is almost positive he is no longer a robot. He likes dirty blondes and stupid jokes (or is that stupid blondes and dirty jokes?) and prefers squeezing life by the balls. Or ovaries for those feminists out there. Every once in a Halley's comet he flashes his writing talents for other websites, like the respectfully honest Bleeding Cool. No matter what trouble he steps in, his mother will still love him.
Contact him at rytking@gmail.com

Justin Hopper
Senior Writer

I’m on a quest. Think a quest of Final Fantasy proportions. I have been tasked with exploring various genres of media from the mightiest of super hero comics to the campiest of horror movies. My job is to adjudicate every movie, comic, video game, book, and action figure so that you as the reader can make an educated choice as to what gems to embrace or garbage to ignore. The worst thing for me is to spend money or time on movies, books, or games and have them make me want to gouge my eyes out they were so horrible. I love sharing good media with my friends and family (and my dogs, they watch with me…believe me), and I want to extend that everyone who reads what I have to write about it. Hopefully I can show you something great you’ve never seen before. Here’s to questing together!