More 'Pete and Pete' Reunion Clips by Ryan King

"Hey Sandy" performed by the Blowholes.

A couple months ago I posted a video of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" cast reunion in LA. Unexpected, yet much deserved, the promoters of the show in LA decided to band together once more and send the cast and creators to the East coast last weekend. Luckily a few fans in the NY audience were filming and we poor uninformed saps lucked out again on not missing these rare, sold out shows. Watch the clips and rock out to the Blowholes covering those amazing Polaris songs!

"Waiting for October" performed by the Blowholes.

"Water Please" performed by the Blowholes.

"Summerbaby" performed by the Blowholes.

'Pete and Pete' Musician Collaborates With Cartoonist for a Multimedia Pop Opera, 'Up From the Stacks' by Ryan T. King
Premiers Thursday February 23rd in San Francisco, CA

For those of you unfamiliar with the name Mark Mulcahy, I am about to do you a big favor. Most fans instantly recognize him as singer/musician from the band Polaris--a small lived group that created musical tracks for the Nickelodeon cult classic, "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" (anyone who remembers the theme song, "Hey Sandy," will remember Mulcahy's iconic vocals). As former lead singer of the eighties band Miracle Legion, Mulcahy and his group were often compared and criticized as a copy of R.E.M. and were sadly ignored for any chance of real success. Now, over thirty years in the musical industry, more music lovers are rediscovering Miracle Legion, Polaris, and Mulcahy's solo albums and recognizing his lyrical creativity and innovation in the musical arts. But his art does not stop there.

Premiering February 23rd on the West Coast bay area, Mark Mulcahy and cartoonist Ben Katchor premier their multimedia pop opera Up From the Stacks at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. Set in the 1970's Up From the Stacks is described as a story of "Lincoln Cabinee, a part-time page who retrieves books from the New York Public Library's vast collection. This mundane job unwittingly embroils him in the treacherous business of amusement and vice flourishing in Times Square." As a current employee of a public library, the description had me at "part-time page."

Mark Maculhy (left), Ben Katchor (right)

This is not Katchor's first time collaborating with Mulcahy. The two have worked together on past performances: A Checkroom RomanceNature's WeaknessThe Rosenbach CompanyThe Slugbearers of Kayrol Island, or, The Friends of Dr. Rushower, and Memorial City. Katchor is most known for his comic strips, which have appeared in The New YorkerMetropolis Magazine, and McSweeny's. Word on the street is the performance will consist of Mulcahy, accompanied by Ken MaiuriDavid Trenholm, and JJ O'Connell will sing in front of projected cartoons. Since Mulcahy rarely plays concerts now days, I highly recommend anyone fond of his music make sure to check this out. Tickets are still available and may be purchased here.

P.S. I've also heard a rumor there will be some kind of signing after the show. But you didn't hear that from me...

The 10th annual Rondo Awards are upon us! Announced yesterday is the official ballot for this year's Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards--a horror, fantasy, science-fiction fan-based award ceremony. Created at the Classic Horror Film Boards (CHFB) in 2002 by David Colton and Kerry Gammill, this underground award ceremony has officially hit a decade run. The nominations are finalized after selecting suggestions from the likes of horror fans, pros, and enthusiasts offered year round at the CHFB. The nominees are finalized by founder David Colton (a classic horror fan) along with the help of 20 other classic horror fans from all over the world. Now that the list is available it it up to YOU to decide who should win this year's Rondos. To see this year's nominations and begin voting, look here.

The Rondo award is a miniature version of a Rondo Hatton
bust seen in the Universal film, House of Horrors.

Meltdown in Berkeley--Nuclear Rabbit at Berkeley, CA by Ryan T. King

Hello everyone. Apologies for my lack of communications this past week or two. I'm in the midst of writing a comic/graphic-novel/picutre-book thing (whatever you want to call it) and unfortunately I'm trying to channel all my focus in that direction. So, sadly, I had to neglect you for a brief moment. 

Not to worry, not to worry.

I have news that will excite the most mundane person in the world: Steve Jobs is dead.

Okay, now that that's said and done, I can move on to the REAL news:

Come celebrate the death of Steve Jobs at the Gilman in Berkeley, CA this Saturday night! The headline act is an amazing group of musicians/noise-makers definitely worthy of the name Nuclear Rabbit. These guys play shows maybe once or twice a year, if that, so hop on this opportunity like you'd hop on a rocket to the moon, or whatever that means. Here's a quick 14 second clip from one of their gigs. And honestly, if you can't squeeze 14-measly seconds out of your life to watch it, then what in the God's name are you doing reading this blog?

For more information on the show, 924 Gilman, ticket purchases, and Steve Jobs dead, rotting carcass, click here. Cheers!

Normally my Thursday nights involve lazily watching the NBC comedy lineup (The Office, Community, Parks and Rec) but if you haven't been on this planet in awhile it's still summer, and that means crappy repeats or boring reality television. So if you live in the Sacramento area of California, do yourself a favor this Thursday night and drive down to the Cabin in Elmira. Why? Because Jamie Havok presents Acoustic Night, where a grand concert of hollow stringed instruments ahll be held for the lowly cost of $5. The line-up includes Zombie Gaucho, Sean Ryan, Jamie Havok, and Lauren Lavine. BEWARE these artists know how to kill! They also know how to play acoustic guitar. Which one will be featured at the show, you ask? Well, you'll just have to go and find out for yourself.