Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meltdown in Berkeley--Nuclear Rabbit at 924 Gilman

Hello everyone. Apologies for my lack of communications this past week or two. I'm in the midst of writing a comic/graphic-novel/picture-book thing (whatever you want to call it) and unfortunately I'm trying to channel all my focus in that direction. So, sadly, I had to neglect you for a brief moment.

Not to worry, not to worry.

I have news that will excite the most mundane person in the world: Steve Jobs is dead.

Okay, now that that's said and done, I can move on to the REAL news:

Come celebrate the death of Steve Jobs at the Gilman in Berkeley, CA this Saturday night! The headline act is an amazing group of musicians/noise-makers definitely worthy of the name Nuclear Rabbit. These guys play shows maybe once or twice a year, if that, so hop on this opportunity like you'd hop on a rocket to the moon, or whatever that means. Here's a quick 14 second clip from one of their gigs. And honestly, if you can't squeeze 14-measly seconds out of your life to watch it, then what in the God's name are you doing reading this blog?

For more information on the show, 924 Gilman, ticket purchases, and Steve Jobs dead, rotting carcass, click here. Cheers!

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