Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Francisco's APE (Alternative Press Expo) Returns this October 1st and 2nd

With all my heart-pulsing eagerness and excitement for Sac-Con and the 47th Annual Big Book Sale happening this week, I nearly forgot to announce another indie/comic/art/diy convention. Good thing I remembered because this event is coming up fast and you don't want to miss it! On October 1st and 2nd, APE (Alternative Pres Expo--a treasure trove of unique wonders and home-made gewgaws made for all fans of indie comics and art) returns to the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, CA.

Special guests include:

Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant!)

Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, David Boring, Art School Confidential)

Craig Thompson (Blankets, Good-bye Chunky Rice, Habibi)

Matthew Thurber (1-800 Mice)

Adrian Tomine (Optic Nerve, Scenes from an Impending Marriage)

Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man, The New Yorker)
If you claim to be a fan of independent comic book writers/artists/publishers and have NEVER attended APE, I strongly urge you to check it out. You will not leave the show unhappy. If anything you will gain humility for giving these starving artists the desired attention they need. For more information on programming and how to order tickets check out APE's official website here.

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