Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Chillerama"--A Grindhouse Inspired Film

"Watching Grindhouse in theaters wasn't merely watching a movie. It was an experience."

I remember reading an offering like this in a magazine (probably from those wise, old bastards at Horrorhound) upon the announced Blu-Ray release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's 2007 double-feature Grindhouse. Chances are you heard of this film and may have watched a segment of it (it was broken into two films when it hit store shelves, Planet Terror and Death Proof) Remember the girl with a machine-gun for a leg? Ahh, there it is. It's all jogging back to you, I see. The film was Rodriguez and Tarantino's post-modern homage to '70's midnight splatterfest/exploitation films (some of the most vile, disturbing, and head-tilting films to ever exist) and landed a gorgeous NC-17 rating and 191 minute running time. Both rarely unheard of in contemporary American cinema. And for those lucky few who reveled it's cinematic debut in theaters (remember guys, this film actually tanked in theaters), as the quote suggests, it truly was an experience to behold.

Fortunately those good times appear to be had once more with a Grindhouse inspired film, lovely titled Chillerama. The film is broken into four separate segments, written and directed by four different Hollywood filmmakers (Adam Green/Frozen, Joe Lynch/Wrong Turn 2, Adam Rifkin/Detroit Rock City, Tim Sullivan/2001 Maniacs), and has a decent run time of 1hr 55mins. I've heard mixed reviews so far but if the film rings true to the tone of the trailer, I'm all in.

Chillerama is currently working it's way through select theaters (click here for venues) until Image Entertainment releases it to DVD on November 29th. Until then, enjoy the awesome poster art and more bonuses like merchandise at Chillerama's official website.

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