Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alamo Drafthouse Comes to SF

The name "Alamo Drafthouse" holds a special place in the hearts of many movie goers and film enthusiasts. Unfortunately this paramount theater company, whose spectacular offerings in service, swag, and cinema, are limited to their home state of Texas. Only four other states in the country offer an Alamo Drafthouse theater. That is, until next year.

Announced last week, CEO and Founder Tim League confirmed intentions of opening an Alamo Drafthouse in the New Mission theater in San Francisco, CA late next year.

"With the possible exception of Austin, San Francisco is my favorite city in the world. My parents met there, I was born in Berkeley, and my wife was working in the city before I begged her to come help me start my first theater venture in Bakersfield, CA," said Alamo CEO and Founder Tim League. "There is no accident that the first theater outside of Austin that my wife and I pursued is in San Francisco."

Earning the title of "Best Theater Ever" from Time and called "the coolest theater in the world" by Wired, San Franciscans and bay area residents are a lucky few to receive such an honor. 

Congratulations San Francisco, you just leveled up!

In my own personal interest, with an Alamo Drafthouse nearby to my current residence, this should make the procurement of Mondo posters that much easier. For those that don't know, Mondo posters are the artistic and creative brethren to Alamo Drafthouse theaters. Just check out some of their spectacular creations below: 



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