Friday, May 4, 2012

First Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day!

Which happens to be only a day away! Free Comic Book Day is a wonderful free family event that happens at all fine comic book retailers. Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the event with a large crop of comics to choose from--over 40 total. What titles are you looking toward? Here are several comic titles I definitely cannot wait to read:

Mouse Guard, Labyrinth, Cursed Pirate Girl, etc., 
published by Archaia Entertainment

Mega Man
published by Archie Comics

Drawn & Quarterly

published by Rebellion

published by Valiant Entertainment


  1. Our FCBD day experience here in the Boise area was a bit disappointing, coming from Portland, Oregon where it's always been a huge event a more like a national holiday in our family. I took off work this year to take the fam out for FCBD, but found myself wishing I had gone to work instead. Check out this article my wife Kara wrote over on Forces of Geek (She's their comics editor):

  2. I read her article and that sounds like a horrendous experience. The more I read, the more I winced and gritted my teeth. One of my nearby comic retailers takes little part in FCBD, he treats it like some idiotic gimmick and puts the freebies outside of his store (if he even orders them). Such a shame too because it's statistically proven to increase sales and comic book interest.